Procedure-File for PMDG 737NG, 744 and MD-11 (NGX not tested yet!)  -  V2.81 (26.10.2011)

Download Version 2.81

- add NDB RWY 13 Approach
- add NDB RWY 13 TRANS 'CC'
- add NDB RWY 13 TRANS 'D221L'
- add NDB RWY 13 TRANS 'TH'
- corrects smalls issues with other procs


This file is based on real ARINC (424) data and real charts.
Please use this file only with appropriate charts, these are NON-RNAV-procedures!


Open the "airports.dat" in the following folder (?:\FS9\FMCWP\NavData) with the MS-Editor.
Search (Ctrl+F) for "VHHH" within this file and paste the follwoing string into the line below VHHH:

    VHHX 22.316667 114.203333

Save this file


Open "wpNavAPT.txt" in the same folder (?:\FS9\FMCWP\NavData).
Search again for "VHHH" and paste below the 4 strings for VHHH the follwing 2 for VHHX:

       HONG KONG KAI TAK       VHHX13 10930136 22.321667 114.196667111.9008800015
       HONG KONG KAI TAK       VHHX31 10930316 22.305500 114.214500109.9031600015

Save this file


Copy the "VHHX.txt" procedure file within the download into the following folder:


Thats all, you can now access Kai Tak through the fictive ICAO-Code >> VHHX << in the FMC.

REMEMBER: After an AIRAC-update form Navigraph, you have to do these steps again!
Because the installer will overwrite the "airports.dat" and "wpNavAPT.txt" files.